Designed for winning

Better technologies, from intelligent cooling to more advanced displays ultimately deliver one unique selling point – the most immersive gameplay. To bring this to life across the 2021 product range, HMX developed and executed a concept integrating each product within gameplay scenarios. Many of these immersive 3D sequences were designed and developed in-house, and several incorporate current gaming titles. The action scenes are crafted around key product benefits. For example, a 16:10 aspect ratio raises your sightlines so you can spot a sniper that you’d miss with a normal display. 165hz refresh rates help you detect threats faster. And HDR helps you see your enemies lurking in the shadows. Each product’s features are brought to life in the way that matters most to customers; a more immersive experience that helps them win.

Key visuals and videos

Product messaging is brought to life via stills and videos on and within social channels such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitch. The assets all share the underlying theme of immersive gameplay, where the world of the product and action scene bringing the messaging to life is one and the same.

Legion 7 Series

Legion 5P

Legion 5

360 Animation