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The all new McLaren Artura launched in early 2021 with a 3D configurator driven by HMX's Studio Infinity 3D technology. McLaren aimed to extend upon their successful dealership 3D program (offline) with an ultra-fast, high fidelity 3D configurator that can be experienced online with any consumer device and no minimum hardware specs.

Beyond setting industry benchmarks for visual quality and performance, essential requirements included seamless and cost-efficient integration with McLaren's in-house 3D data pipeline and the existing data-driven online (2D) interface.

The Artura configurator is not only the fastest and most cost efficient online 3D configurator within the automotive industry, but also the world's first to offer customers a seamless AR visualization of any configurable specification.

See Artura in AR

The fully configurable Artura is available within HMX’s Studio Infinity Render Service for the creation of high resolution product images on demand. The Studio Infinity Render Service was used by McLaren and their web agency to produce the high quality images of the Artura within the product page of the McLaren website. Custom variants of Artura were also rendered in Studio Infinity to present a 2D visualizer / customizer offered within the product page.

HMX delivered a modular video to showcase the ground-breaking technology within Artura. These technical animations have been deployed across multiple touchpoints including the global launch event, product pages, and social channels to introduce the all-new McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) and high performance hybrid powertrain.

Tease video (pre-launch, social channels)

Reveal video (launch)

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