We are a global creative studio with deep expertise in brand communications. We shape stories and visual experiences that translate why a product or service is meaningfully different from the competition. Our approach is focused on helping clients achieve creative excellence and efficiency in equal measure.


We’re proud of our 11-year track record as a trusted partner of some of the most innovative brands. Through this experience we offer a unique perspective on how to get consumers excited about the possibilities offered by a new product.

Building on Studio Infinity photography assets, our team of over 70 CGI artists and technologists offer video solutions that inspire, inform, and influence the decision-making process.


We write, direct and produce films that capture the essence of what products mean to their audience. We offer an international perspective and in-house production capabilities across all stages of development.

Our approach is uniquely responsive to the challenges our clients face and the outcomes they wish to achieve. By offering a fully integrated solution, we take ownership of a brief and maintain its creative vision every step of the way. And in doing so, we offer the perfect blend of experienced talent and efficient planning for film and photography shoots anywhere in the world.


We work with senior executives, business partners, and end customers to research the story, find the right voices, and discover the details that are often unattainable with a scripted commercial. Then we shape these elements in a way that the audience can relate to, so that they have a deeper understanding of the brand and its products and services.


HMX designs and develops desktop and mobile applications that simulate an experience with a product or service. Our applications are effective for sales enablement and events.